Adding unique finishes to framing. Providing a unique look to framed work. Presenting a variety of media Providing ideas and skills to help artists achieve sympathetic and original framing. Using simple, clear design options to make artwork stand out. Taking on all sorts of projects Working in all media - framing canvas prints. Gallery of original photography Taking care of work until its handed back. Preparing competition pieces for artists. Supporting photographers with exhibition demands. Using top of the range, precision hand-cutters.

    Huxley Imaging - Expert in mounts and framing

    Huxley Imaging is a bespoke framing service operating in the Pershore / Evesham area of Worcestershire. Owned and run by me, Richard Buttle, it’s a small “artisan” business that can offer the personal touch, whether you visit me at the workshop or you take advantage of the FREE door to door service.

    I aim to provide best quality framing at affordable prices. Even the simplest of projects should look good and be finished to a high standard.  And you don’t have to spend a fortune for good quality.

    Having been actively working as a picture framer since 2004, and as the lead trainer for a major picture framing supplier and training specialist (DIYframing), I am able to plan and produce great designs for almost any project. Keeping it simple can be all that’s required, but I can also offer a wide range of framing options, so don’t be afraid to ask.

    As a photographer, I am also interested in supporting the local art community as well as promoting art and photography for sale. Explore this site to see the full range of services on offer.

    This service means that all your requirements can easily be met without you having to do anything more than contact Huxley Imaging.

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    Chris Sandys

    Chris Sandys is a Worcestershire photographer, who mainly takes shots for his own enjoyment. He enjoys creating studies of wildlife and, in particular, birds, although...

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    Latest Blog - 10th February 2017

    Image description

    Palette Wood Framing

    For anybody who has ever tried making things with the timber from old delivery palettes, there are a few things worth knowing: The timber is more substantial than you think Doesn’t always fit through a Morso guillotine Palettes are very well made – removing the nails is difficult to (at times) impossible The grain is fantastic as are all of the blemishes from wear and tear The frames need a lot of sanding The longer they have been in the weather the more interesting the shade of timber becomes If you like working with wood, the results are VERY rewarding. ...

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